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Strategy #1 - Turn $50 To Nearly $20,000 In 1 Month With Simple Trading Strategy!

Strategy: Indicator 1: Momentum, Change to Line.
Indicator 2: CCI - When line Outside (over-exteded) Then cross back in, it's another confirmation.

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Strategy #2 - $1400 in 1h - Trading Strategy for Beginners - EASY MONEY

Strategies and indicators: CCI (7)

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Other trading strategies and indicators to tests: Strategie 1 - Strategy 2 - 

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- 2 trading sessions per day at 11:30 and 15:30 UTC+0, from monday to friday.
- Only use normal pairs NOT OTC ones.

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Trading View is THE ONE trading master tool most traders are using to read and analyze charts. This Trading View tutorial will show you everything you need to know to start using it.

Charts Reading, Analyses and Prices Actions

The first trading skills you need is to know how to read and analyze charts. There's technical and fundamental analysis. Technical is the charts and price actions, fundamental is more with the news, politics, world events, etc.
Other good free trading courses: Course 1
Free Trading Tools: 
Free Trend Finder - The trend is your friend. NEVER trade against the trend.

Crypto Documentaries Youtube Playlist - Youtube

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